Quarantine, but Make It Fun! (Bathtub Laundry Edition)

Hello Wanderers! (Don’t worry, you’re still a Wanderer even under Quarantine!) Hope you all are staying healthy, and finding your zen during this unprecedented time.  We’ve been finding ourselves happier and healthier than we have felt in a long time because of the abundance of time, which we are using to catch up on sleep, … Continue reading Quarantine, but Make It Fun! (Bathtub Laundry Edition)

Kern River Wanderluck

Welcome Wanderers, to Wanderlust Wednesday! This is the final blog post about our recent Kern river camping trip because this week we're heading off on our next outdoor adventure...a houseboat on Lake Powell! We woke up to a whopping dose of Wanderluck! In case you’re new to the blog, (welcome!) Wanderluck is what we call … Continue reading Kern River Wanderluck

Campground Focaccia and Friends

Welcome Wanderers! It's Wanderlust Wednesday here, so we're going to continue to share our Kern River camping adventure with you! Okay, okay, we can take a hint.  After two days of locals commenting “for people on vacation, you sure do work a lot!”  we decided to take a real day off.  Kind of.  We created video … Continue reading Campground Focaccia and Friends

River Camping and Finding Our True North

Welcome Wanderers! We were burned out and needed to find relief, so we packed up and left the city.  Two nights turned into a week, and here we are, on the rocky banks of the beautiful Kern River!  It’s hard to believe this place is just 3 hours away from Los Angeles.  Niels’ aunt had taken … Continue reading River Camping and Finding Our True North

Kindness Matters: Travel with a Positive Impact through Kind Traveler

Travel with a positive impact by booking your hotel through Kind Traveler and donate to charities like The Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles.

Follow us on Bloglovin’ Along With Your Other Favorite Blogs!

We found out that a lot of blog readers enjoy Bloglovin' because of the ease of following multiple blogs in one place and getting updates every time someone posts, so we joined! See you there 🙂 Follow our blog with Bloglovin! (While you're at it, have you checked out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!?  We … Continue reading Follow us on Bloglovin’ Along With Your Other Favorite Blogs!

Irish Honeymoon Fit for Royalty

We arrived at the castle well before check-in.  Our plan was to stroll the grounds and explore the castle until our room was ready.  Our drive through the Connemara region had been as breathtaking as promised by the locals and our family and friends who’d traveled Ireland, but we were ready to be out of … Continue reading Irish Honeymoon Fit for Royalty

Gone Nocturnal

"Reykjavik's just trying to take your money" said the man at the rental car office. His face looked like he wanted to use stronger words. We were taking over the driver contract on the car Niels' sister had rented and had been driving us around in for a few days. He was trying to help … Continue reading Gone Nocturnal