Kern River Wanderluck

Welcome Wanderers, to Wanderlust Wednesday!

This is the final blog post about our recent Kern river camping trip because this week we’re heading off on our next outdoor adventure…a houseboat on Lake Powell!

We woke up to a whopping dose of Wanderluck! In case you’re new to the blog, (welcome!) Wanderluck is what we call it when not planning leads to even better moments than we could have ever planned! The zen that comes with going with the flow, leads us to unexpected positive experiences and interactions.

This morning, our amazing camp host came over and said,
“Nineteen. RUN!”
And run we did! We packed up camp as quickly as possible and shoved everything into the car- organization be damned!

(The car was so packed, Niels had to ride on the back!)

Since we’re not reserving in advance in case Niels gets work in LA, this is our third campsite switch in a week, so we’re familiar enough with the campground now to know that nineteen is one of the prime spots. It’s larger and nestled among the trees, which means shade to get our computer work done comfortably, and right on the river bank! When we arrived, we realized it was even better than we’d thought! Unlike the other large sites, it’s isolated from the neighbors by thick jungle-like plants. It felt like we were stepping into another world!

N walking into Kern Camp 19.jpg(Wanderluck Works: Niels walking into the paradise of site 19!)

I spent the afternoon enjoying the shade under the large oak tree that dominates the campsite and writing more blog posts than I’ve written in months! I feel so inspired out here. I’m far more productive, and these office views just can’t be beat.

C Office Views Kern Camp.jpg(Perfect”office view” for blog writing!)

Then we decided to kick back and enjoy the river. Turns out our campsite comes with its own river pool! We snacked on some chips and salsa from the local general store, and enjoyed the sunset as it dipped behind the mountains.

N chillin' in Kern w- snacks and drinks(Hand-squeezed margaritas by Niels, chips, salsa and our boogie board as floating bar!)

As night settled, Niels laid our blanket on the sand and started a fire.  We continued our campfire cooking with some corn on the cob, a veggie sausage for me, and a steak for Niels, as the sky turned a magnificent gradient of rose and purple.

It’s pretty cool to be here during the change of season. Last week we kept declaring,

“it’s still Summer here!”

But this week, we can feel a change in the air. It’s a bit crisper, the sky a little clearer, and we’re finding ourselves grabbing for our blankets and snuggling close to the fire while we play cards or read. I’ve been reading a book about how everything in nature is connected, called “The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate-Discoveries From a Secret World” by Peter Wohlleben, and reading it under this giant Oak feels so appropriate. I read it out loud to Niels around the crackling fire at night.

N axe silhouette Kern(Niels taking a break from chopping wood, silhouetted against the best sunset of the trip)

In the morning, there was a crispness to the air. Autumn was on its way, and pancakes over the fire sounded like just the right breakfast to warm our bellies. Once the fire was crackling, we placed our tin mugs on the fire to brew our tea and coffee, and did some yoga on the blanket next to the fire.

N cooking Breakfast Kern Camp 19(Morning fire-side yoga followed by reading and campfire pancakes)

I kept stretching as Niels began pouring the batter. Within minutes, he’d made us the most perfect pancakes, right over the fire. I no longer questioned his insistence at switching our car-camping and household cookware to Lodge (not sponsored, just awesome!) We felt like pioneers, basking in our simple self-sufficiency.

After breakfast, we’ll head off to the general store to charge our cameras, phones, laptops and post this update for you. Then we’ll hit the river! It’s looking like a beautiful bluebird sky here and we can already hear other groups going by yelling with delight on the river!

Blue Heron on Kern.jpg(I spotted a Great Blue Heron and spent 40 minutes practicing my wildlife photography)

We’re heading home soon, which feels bittersweet, because we loved our time on the beautiful Kern river! We’re feeling oh-so-grateful for the time we had here in nature  because it was just the reset we needed!  But, we soon head off on our yearly Lake Powell houseboat adventure filled with mornings started on a waterslide into the lake, kayaking, and back flips! So stay tuned for that!

Thanks for wandering with us!
Pura Vida,

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  1. Thanks for taking me along on your Kern River camping trip. I can’t wait to experience houseboat living through your eyes and beautiful words. 🥰

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