Pura Vida, Solo Bueno…Costa Rica!

Costa Rica has a way of reminding us that life works out.  Deep in the throes of planning our wedding just days away, we were feeling the pressure of working within the bounds of a culture that moves slower than our own.  We had spent months planning, and finding out that we could not have guarantees and confirmations from the local vendors.  Coming from a culture that plans weddings and has venues booked at least a year in advance, family and friends seemed surprised by our laissez-faire attitude, but we really didn’t have a choice.  Whenever we tried to coordinate with our contacts in Costa Rica we were met with reassurances that everything would be fine, but little tangible proof.

Everything changed once we arrived in Costa Rica 10 days before our wedding.  Suddenly things were happening, and it was almost too much for us to keep up with.  But, somehow the Ticos were getting everything done without the stress that we carried.  We tried to relax under the reminders that this was a time to enjoy, and under the assurances from our vendors, but it seemed like we were pulling together a large production that required months of planning, in only a few days.

Fortunately, Costa Rica had our backs.  It wouldn’t let us drown in our own stress.  This is because the people literally embody the mantra “Pura Vida.”  To the Ticos “pure life” is more than just a sentiment, it is a way of life.  Since Niels grew up in Costa Rica for ten years, we were both familiar with this saying and its meaning, but I am not sure I ever truly understood it until this trip.  Ticos work hard to achieve goals, but refuse to let outside pressures change their positive attitude, and I found this inspiring.

I learned a new phrase during our latest trip, “solo bueno.”  This literally translates to “only good” but it is so much more than that.  It is the exemplification of the optimism that is so pervasive in the Tico culture.  It’s hard not to feel happy and positive around so many optimistic people, and after countless seemingly fortuitous reminders, we finally learned to let go and trust in the only good, pure life.

As for our wedding?  Everything came together even better than we could have ever dreamed.  The planning, organization and work on the ground the 10 days prior to our big day was all worth it, but so was learning to trust and adapt the pura vida, solo bueno life!

Valuable life lessons to launch us into our ‘Round the World Honeymoon!  Come wander with us!

Pura Vida,

Couple a Wanderers

Camille y Niels




4 thoughts on “Pura Vida, Solo Bueno…Costa Rica!

  1. Beautifully expressed. As we are not travelers or adventurous, I /we were apprehensive. I admit, I had many bloody Mary’s on the flight(s) en route!!!

    We found the country beautiful, and the people unfailingly polite, with us, and each other. Once we became more comfortable – that afternoon! – we enjoyed a little, easy hike to the beach. I loved running on the beach in the heat, a challenge for me, coming from cool, rainy May in Northern New England, and never a beach runner. We loved our guided hike in the forest. We walked everywhere. We so enjoyed all the wonderful wedding festivities! Niels, we loved the cookout especially!

    Your wedding was amazing. We understood the venue immediately, once the ceremony started. Niels riding in on the horse, the beautiful beach setting, waves lapping in the background, even the monkey who chased me! All were amazing, and perfect.

    And then, the bride accompanied by her amazing Mom – barefoot! As she always loves to be! – you both were (and are) beautiful and joyful. As always.

    Thank you for making us – kicking and screaming! – adventurous. We love you and Niels!


    1. We are SO happy to hear all of this! It truly made us happy to see everyone enjoying the ceremony and Manuel Antonio. What a well written comment, too. Glad you got your adventure on!


  2. I’m so thrilled to be reading your adventures. My heart is so full for the both of you. One day our families will have to have an adventure together, till then & when we see you home safely, journey on my dear friends. Your marriage is off to a magnificent start. xo


    1. We’re so happy you’re enjoying following along on our adventures! Yes, it is an absolute must to adventure together when we are back! Thank you for all your well-wishes, and we appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂


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