Cayman Islands Anniversary

Greetings fellow Wanderers!

We’re here in the windswept splendor of the Cayman Islands for our 3 year wedding anniversary!  It’s our very first time here, and I decided to try something radical…I’m going to post while I am STILL in the destination I’m posting about!  Perfectionism has been slowing me down, but honestly I always have something I’d love to be sharing, though you’d never know it from our posting rate here on the blog.

(But, how can I hold back from sharing this view!?)

We’ve only just begun our adventures here on Grand Cayman Island.  Before we arrived we’d read a lot about George Town, but we chose a spot on a sleepier part of the island, where it’s less developed, yet everything we need is just walking distance!  We’re really glad, because as we flew in to the airport, we agreed that while George Town looked like it had a lot to do, it also looked a bit busier than what we are looking for on this trip.

Landing Cayman Islands

Our choice to go off-the-beaten-path means that we’ll have unique information to share with you about the island that you haven’t read before!  We’re currently deciding on what we want to do with our time here, although we figure we could just spend our days lying on the beach steps away from our resort and jumping off the dock into the cerulean sea to get lost in their world-class underwater ecosystem.

Palms from balcony sunny cropped

But we’re torn because there’s actually so much to do on this little island!  We’re deciding on whether we should do a dive trip, go caving, grab a glass bottom kayak and explore the bioluminescent bay by night, or swim with stingrays at the famous Stingray City!  If you’ve been here, we would love to hear your recommendations!  Let’s face it, we can’t choose just one, but we’d love your help narrowing it down!

For now, we’re off to enjoy our first Cayman Island sunset!

sunset Cayman Islands night 1

If you like these shorter, more instantaneous blogs, please leave a comment with your feedback below so we know!

Thanks for wandering with us!

Pura Vida,


6 thoughts on “Cayman Islands Anniversary

  1. Looks perfect for a romantic celebration. You describe it so well, along with the gorgeous accompanying photos, the peaceful beauty is conveyed. Enjoy!

    Happy Anniversary!

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  2. What a special place! A glass bottom kayak would be an amazing experience on those waters! Happy Anniversary guys!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow from sky to water’s multi-layered depth you’ve captured such TRUE colors. Feel like we’re Wandering with you!

    Liked by 1 person

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